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Natural eye-makeup remover

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Tired of using expensive eye-makeup removers?

A valid, natural alternative that is as effective as the bi-phase ones, but less expensive and more eco-friendly is Olive Oil. I found many different tutorials on YouTube that give instructions on how to make your own homade olive oil eye-makeup remover.

Though olive oil may be used even by itself alone to remove makeup, I prefer mixing it with water, this will make it less…oily!! The best solution for me, was to mix one part of extra virgin olive oil, with one part of water and one part of sweet almond oil, storing them in a clean container (I just used an empty eye-makeup remover bottle). Just a little quantity on a cotton ball will be enough to clean the whole eye area, and it works perfectly to remove eyeliner and even waterproof mascara! I find it an optimal solution both to saving up some money, and to buying products that may contain substances that are not good for your skin, and that arent’t eco-friendly!


What is Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is the juice that is extracted from the olive fruit, preserving not only its taste, but also its natural properties, such as vitamins and antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed product, and thus considered the most natural one.

Why is Olive Oil good for you?

Olive oil plays a big role in the Mediterranean diet, and studies have shown that this natural product offers a large number of benefits to those who integrate it in their daily diet. Rich in Vitamins E and A, and containing a high level of monounsaturated fats, which help keep cholesterol under control, Olive Oil helps to prevent, not only heart diseases, but also colon cancer.

Is Olive Oil good for your skin?

Thanks to its antioxidative substances, Olive Oil is great natural way to fight free radicals. Using it as an eye-makeup remover, it helps nourish lashes, and moisturize the under eye area, which tends to be a dry spot, due to the presence of just few oil glands.

So…ready to try this out!?!


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  1. so proud of my baby girl!!!! you write so well!! such a good idea, just keep it going!!!

    so do you still use a tonic after cleansing with olive oil? i feel that i need to, cause i don’t feel my skin clean after just oil cleansing – like it’s clean, but not from the oil!

    • THANK YOU!!!! 🙂 I’ll need your help soon!!
      Well, i use the oil make-up remover just for the eye-area, and once the eye-make up is off, i use a little cotton pad to remove the excess oil, but i don’t wash it off, otherwise i would remove the oil completely and loose the benefits. The eye-area tends to be very dry, so it needs good hydration. For the rest of the face, i wouldn’t reccomend it. Of course you can use the oil in facial scrubs, etc. but don’t leave it on! Olive oil is considered a comedogenic, which means that it’s a heavy oil, it will clog up the pores and increase the production of blackheads! Some people don’t agree with defining olive oil as a comedogenic, but the skin type you have really affects the results! I would avoid leaving it on if you have mixed skin! 😉

      • You really know your things girl! I even learned a new word ‘comedogenic’ uuh that almost gave me a lexicasm;) I’m not leaving it on then, having really bad issues with my pores lately! Thanks hon!

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